rafael landea

Ocean._ Up to the 40's, my parentís generation, Argentina was a country where the ocean was a very important reference.  Millions of immigrants looked at the sea, searching the horizon as the place from where they belong.

Requiem for Werther (1998) "Young Werther's Sorrows" by Johann W. Goethe reads like the sequence of a suicide. The triptych (metaphor of the drowned person) is the beginning and end of the story of Charlotte and Werther.  The 'body' of the work is not finished and deals with visions of the final act.  The center of the triptych was literally submerged and worn down in water. The images of the ship were taken from graphic documents. The shipwreck was taken from the Monte Cervantes steamship befallen in the beagle canal in 1930.
Ink on paper / 2m (6") by 80cm (30")

Lighthouses (1996) This project plays with the position of a lighthouse, drifting trunks and a gradual reduction of light in the setting of a seascape, alternating them with close-ups of each lighthouse. The sequence culminates with the Pasaje Barolo Buenos Aires building-lighthouse, which for many years was the highest of the city. It also establishes a counterpoint with its twin building in Montevideo (Palacio Salvo). In the 30's they illuminate the banks of the Rio de La Plata with points of light that only navigators could see.
The photographic sequences for the most part belong to the photographer Etiènne-Jules Marey and are dated from the end of the XIX century.