technical sepcs



Technical Specifications


The paintings are sepia-tinted, gouache and ink on wood.
The drawings are black & white, charcoal and pastel on wood.

Paintings and Drawings

There are ten (10) paintings and nine (9) drawings (see table below).    


Each image consists of two to ten individual wooden panels (see table below). 
Each panel measures 18in. /18in. / 1in. (45.7cm/45.7cm/2.5cm).
The total installation of artistic material covers an area of 166.8 sq ft (15.5 sq meters).  If you allow for typical spacing between paintings and drawings, a total of 172 sq feet (16 sq meters) of gallery space is needed (not including introductory panels). 

Installation Options

The drawings and paintings are typically installed in an alternating fashion in one long horizonal frieze.  However, the wooden panel “puzzle” pieces allow for a multiple installation options based on gallery space availability and constraints.  The wooden panels are lightweight allowing for easy, straight-forward installation.