rafael landea

Blink of an eye (2011) is a work in progress, and in a certain way a very personal experiment.
After seeing ìThe White Ribbonì, a movie written and directed by Michael Haneke, one scene came back to my mind several times.  I started drawing that scene by memory, closing my eyes and trying to see the imprint that it left in my mind.  I drew and painted it several times, searching deep not only in the visual memory but looking for clues on what was that scene telling me.
In the scene there is a young man that found his father dead, hanged, in the barn of their house. He opens the door, sees his father, and without enter to the room, walks away slowly heading to the house.  He stops to see his sisters playing and laughing and enters to the house. He is in the kitchen while his mother is cooking, silent. First he stays by the door. Then he sits at the foot of some stairs and stays there; still, without talking. His mother doesnít notice him. This moment lingers for a long, long time. What is this character really doing? Perhaps he was trying to keep the world, as he and the rest of his family knew it until that moment, alive a little longer?
I see the internalized tension as powerful as something that will break their world forever.