rafael landea

(See Café Buenos Aires videos in the “Moving Images” section)

Café Buenos Aires (2009), is a visual narrative exploration of the scenes typical in cafés. A café's architectural space is used as a background against the daily lives of its usual customers. The tables, the chairs, the tablecloths, the waiters, reminds of a theatrical space, all prepared and placed for the theater of life to unfold.

The series includes two juxtaposed elements: "cafés or stages", and "scenes or mini-plays". The stages depict imaginary cafés like old photographs which have faded over the years; a "pentimento" where the most recent layer is so thin that allows the viewer to glimpse the past, to feel the passage of time.
The second element are the drawings showing the characters and their actions, decisions and conflicts, accompanied by notes and stage direction, executed in a loose, fast and spontaneous gesture, applied with permanent marker on Plexiglas. These panels are the same size as the acrylics, and are mounted over them. Each café can be a stage for different scenes-plays, as demonstrated by the fact that for each canvas I drew more than one scene on Plexiglas panels. The project is open to constant change: a continuous metamorphosis.